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CARN 0008
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The NOTUS LADY model is suitable for almost any type of use. Due to the use of extremely feminine shapes, this model perfectly matches the form of women’s feet.

• Synthetic P-Skin and ultra-light micro-mesh uppers.
• Padded tongue for maximum comfort.
• Reflective rear area. Asymmetrical, shellmoulded heel for perfect support.
• Double, reinforced velcro strap fastening plus a strap on the foot instep, equipped with the new SMC3 fastening system. The lever has been redesigned to ensure lightness and maximum ergonomics.
• Sole compatible with 3 point pedal clip, made from fibreglass and polyamide. This mix combines reliability, performance and comfort. It is equipped with an I.A.I. aeration system of 3 large air intakes located in the front portion of the shoe and a large outlet on the rear of the shoe.
• Interchangeable rubber heel.
• Size : 39